VPN or Proxy: which is better?

VPN or Proxy: which is better?

In the world of traffic arbitration, it is important to ensure not only security, but also the efficiency of interaction with various resources. Two tools often used by arbitrageurs are VPNs and proxy servers. Why do many people prefer to use them simultaneously?

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Differences between VPN and Proxy

Before we dive into the combination of both technologies, let's understand their differences.


  • Data Encryption: VPN provides a high level of encryption for all Internet traffic, making data transmission more secure.
  • Anonymity: Masks the user's real IP address, providing a high level of anonymity.
  • Full traffic: All user traffic is routed through a secure connection.

Proxy server

  • Operates at the application level: A proxy is typically used at the application or service level, making it more flexible in choosing what traffic to route through it.
  • A proxy server does not always encrypt traffic: Unlike a VPN, a proxy does not always provide encryption for all traffic.
  • Works with specific requests: A proxy can be used to redirect specific requests or serve as an intermediate between the user and the target server.

When to use only VPN or only Proxy

Using VPN only

  • When you need full encryption: When you require maximum security for all internet traffic, a VPN is the preferred choice.
  • Anonymity: If the main goal is to hide personal information and real IP address.

Using only Proxy

  • Traffic optimization: When it is necessary to work with specific requests, the proxy provides more flexible settings for optimizing traffic.
  • Reduced Latency: Proxy can reduce latency as it operates at the application level, making it efficient for certain tasks.

When to use both VPN and Proxy together

Maximum Flexibility and Protection

  • Security and Anonymity: The combination of VPN and proxy provides the highest level of security and anonymity.
  • Geographic Distribution: Proxies allow affiliates to change virtual location, and VPN provides a secure connection anywhere in the world.
  • Traffic Optimization: Proxies are used to work with specific requests, which can be useful when optimizing campaigns.


The combination of VPN and proxy gives arbitrage traders maximum flexibility and protection. Depending on specific goals and objectives, they can fine-tune their interaction with Internet resources, ensuring security, anonymity and effective traffic management.