Uniqueness of creatives

Uniqueness of creatives

Unique creativity is the key to Facebook advertising success. As soon as such an exclusive creative is created, we begin to use it on several accounts. Meanwhile, other webmasters can borrow the idea and use it in their own advertising campaigns. Over time, this creative loses its uniqueness, which increases the chances of being banned. To avoid this, you need to uniqueize the original creative using reliable tools such as a creative uniqueizer.

What is uniqueness and why is it needed?

On advertising platforms, there are various methods for moderating creatives and, of course, consequences if one or another creative does not comply with the rules. For example, on Facebook these are bans and rejections, on TikTok they are rejections and shadowbans.

Most often, in arbitration, they use precisely those approaches that the site does not approve of, which means that sooner or later everyone faces bans. If the creative showed a good CTR, then it’s simply a pity to lose it. To use previously created creative, webmasters use mass uniqueness of images.

Let's look at everything using a specific example.

Let's imagine that I am an arbitrator who pours money on gambling on Facebook, and I test all sorts of combinations at the casino. One of the combinations converts better: more clicks, higher CR - the statistics are simply great, in general. Therefore, creativity really performs well. The image below demonstrates this creative:

The plot is quite simple: a person plays a game, spins the wheel three times in a row and doubles his winnings each time, after which he receives notifications about replenishing his bank account. All thanks to the casino.

After a couple of days of launching the advertising campaign, they ban it. Facebook immediately remembers that this video does not comply with the rules of the advertising platform and does not allow anyone else to use it. For Facebook, it doesn’t matter who runs the ad, so it’s useless to use different accounts, because it’s not you who’s been banned, but the creative. Therefore, the site will either immediately reject it or will not allow the ad to run for a long time. It is in such cases that uniqueness of a photo or video is needed.

Uniqueness is a change in the finished creative and its internal characteristics.

Any creative, be it a picture, video, animation or GIF, has its own internal characteristics:

  • Metadata - information about the file, such as the date it was created, device, geolocation, etc.
  • Hash data is a unique file ID that is automatically assigned when it is created.
  • Weight - file size.
  • Duration is more relevant for video and audio files.
  • Resolution - the size and quality of the image or video

The creative also has a structure - this is how it looks (video sequence and visual elements).

Advertising platforms analyze all the data and remember it, so if restrictions have already been imposed on a creative once, then calculating it a second time will be as easy as shelling pears.

Uniqueness allows you to change both primary data (metadata, hash, weight, duration, resolution) and secondary data (adding various filters, noise and other visual effects).

For example the picture below:

The first photo is the original video clip.

The second photo is a unique video creative. What we did: reduced the duration of the video by 1.5 seconds, applied filters and changed internal data (title, quality, geolocation)

Why is uniqueness needed?

One day, almost all advertising accounts face bans from advertising platforms. In the case of working with UBT, the process is simpler, since videos can exist for a long time, but sometimes they may stop gaining views. We can say that the creative material or video is labeled “previously found to have violated the rules of the site.”

Uniqueness allows you to change the source data so that your traffic sources will think that this is a completely new creative, even if the image itself remains almost the same.

Benefits of uniqueness

  • Simplified moderation: new files for advertising platforms cannot be rejected at the pre-moderation stage.
  • Extending the life of a creative: a unique creative undergoes moderation longer than one that is already in the Facebook database, which allows it to prolong its effectiveness.
  • Increased trust: uniqueness helps to increase trust in new creatives from advertising platforms.
  • Minimizing the risk of bans: unique creatives are not associated with other materials in their metadata and visual characteristics, which reduces the risk of bans.

But even despite the advantages, uniqueness has its limitations:

  • Creative cannot be endlessly unique, and sooner or later the algorithms of advertising platforms may detect attempts to circumvent the rules. Often, advertisers are looking for a creative uniqueizer or photo uniqueization program to make the image unique online.
  • Even when using online text uniqueization or other methods, there is no absolute guarantee of passing moderation.

You can uniqueize in 2 ways:

  • Manually. Independently change the internals of the file and its appearance using editors. You can also bring in designers and editors to rearrange shots and introduce new elements into the creative.
  • Automatic uniqueness using special services. We'll stop there.

A selection of uniqueizers

Telegram bots:

  • uniccreo_bot

The bot changes metadata and adds noise to creatives. For those who want to make a picture unique online, this is a great solution.

  • clicklead_media_bot

This bot, created specifically for unique creatives for Facebook/Google/YouTube, offers the function of overlaying images on online videos.

  • PhotoVideoUniq_bot

An ideal choice for those who are looking for how to uniqueize a photo for Avito or take a photo from a video online.

  • apps4you_uniqbot

The bot is able to overlay photos onto online videos, as well as convert videos from pictures. Can uniqueize videos and photos without losing quality.

  • EasyCreo is a free bot with a variety of functionality for quickly creating creos.

Removing metadata:

  • ExifTool – This free app not only removes metadata, but is also ideal for uniqueizing text online.
  • IrfanView – A small program for creating video from photos online and for audio files. It also supports adding photos to videos online.
  • Xnview – This tool supports viewing and converting various image formats, ideal for those looking for images for videos.
  • UniqGmblng is a service that can create dozens of copies based on one initial creos in 1-2 minutes.
  • Profitweb.tools – changes metadata, moves elements and adds noise.

Changing Hash Data

To change the Hash amount, you can use various online services or programs to uniquely photo. If you are interested in similarities based on photos online, the resource Onlinehashcrack.com may be useful.

For those looking for ways to make their creatives unique, Adobe Photoshop (especially its free online version) and other editors can be quite helpful.

To uniqueize your video, you can use Adobe Premier Pro, Sony Vegas.

When choosing music, you can find copyright-free audio on the Open Music Archive and Audionautix websites, or by searching “no copyright music” on YouTube.

Spy services

Creativity can be borrowed. For such cases, there are spy services, platforms on which arbitrage traders can take credit. If you want to make a photo unique online or unique for Avito, tools like AdHeart, a service primarily for Facebook with worldwide coverage, can help. There is also SpyHouse, a free spy advertising service for the CIS countries, where creatives are taken from social networks, ideal for those who want to check a photo for uniqueness.Using the SpyOver service you can find videos from teaser networks. If your goal is to make your pictures unique or you are looking for a program to make your photos unique, consider using tools like Go Art. This online filter application service is powered by neural networks and is ideal for those who want to make a picture unique online.XnConvert is a batch image converter, great for mass processing and mass uniqueness of images. If you're looking for a way to remove metadata from photos online, consider using NConvert, a powerful batch image processor that can help you with this task.

uniq.dolphin.ru.com is one of the most popular free and convenient services for those who want to uniqueize photos online or even uniquely video.


You are absolutely right in pointing out that there is no ideal “recipe” for creating absolutely unique creatives. The key is to experiment and develop your own approach. Over time, you will determine which services for unique creatives are most convenient for you, which will become a key factor in successful advertising campaigns.