Top-25 neural networks for your work

Top-25 neural networks for your work

It is hard not to notice the active spread of neural networks. To understand all currently existing neural networks, you will need a separate specialist or another neural network.

We did a lot of research and collected 25 neural networks, in which a long trial period or they are completely free, which will help you in work or study❤️‍🔥


The real browser of the future, your personal assistant on the Internet. Imagine ChatGPT, which works in real time. This is how this browser works! It remembers all your requests, conversations. For example, you ask the first question: «what is now known about the arbitration of traffic?» And he’s giving you options about arbitrating traffic on all the sites, and it doesn’t suit you. In the line below you can write «this is not quite what I wanted to receive. Tell about the arbitration of traffic in gambling, news for the last month». And you’re getting a news bulletin for the last month specifically about gambling arbitrage. And just below gives you a summary based on all the news you’ve just heard. You can use it not only for work, but also for personal purposes: «find me the best free courses on traffic arbitration». There are many variations of uses, don’t thank!

Talk Web

With the Talk Web app you can communicate with absolutely any site for free. You wandered into an obscure foreign site, which seems to be indirectly related to your search, but to the end can not understand whether you can find something useful for yourself. Open a query and enter questions: «About what this site? What this site can be useful in the field ...?» etc.

This neural network will make you the god of productivity. It creates landing, presentations, documents in seconds. All you need to do is set a theme, after which the neural network gives you options for what will be in the headers (optionally, you can delete/replace/add anything), choose a style and everything is ready in 3.2.1 seconds! And even after that, you can add and adjust whatever you want, including adding your photos/videos, choose from the offered. If in the future you want to change something, it can also be done with ease. It will save you a lot of time and money! Once tried, you will not want to do it yourself! You can use to create invitations, work presentations, instructions for employees and anything related to normal/work life.


This neural net will suit those who do not like to tinker with large documents. You can download any document, the bot will analyze it from and to and will give answers to your questions regarding this document. For example, you should write a short post for Instagram on «arbitration, ideas for creatives». You find all the necessary information on the Internet without even reading it, and you upload it to your PDF file, then you ask specific questions to the bot, and it gives structured answers to all your questions.


This neural network will replace you with ChatGPT (it collected data only until 2021), and writesonic until today! Free up to 2500 words, then paid. With it you can create anything you want: long and short articles, advertising for FB, LinkedIn, Google. It’s also possible to train a neural net specifically for yourself-will write in your style.

Humata AI

Help to work with files. If you have ChatGPT not 4 versions, it is a good substitute. Same as Chat PDF. But here you can still create a summary with a file.


An application inspired by stable diffusion (text that is generated in a picture), but here you can create MUSIC from the text. The site looks quite unusual, but if you look more closely, it will help you to easily understand how to create works of art. Music styles range from classical to hard rock.


Have you ever had an article you couldn’t find for a long time, and it turns out to be paid for? This is a tool that will help to bypass the paid system! Does not work with all sites.

Munch AI

A service that cuts any long video into a few small ones. With it you can no longer use the services of rilsmekers or not spend a few hours on the video editing for your shareware traffic!


It will improve the quality of your videos. Working with it is quite simple: you upload the video in the original quality, you get an improved version.


Easier to use neural network. Has it ever occurred to you that the song you’ve chosen seems to fall well on the video, but would you like to add more action, add a bit, or go on with the melody at a quiet pace? Then this is for you. Can’t find the right song for your video? You log into Soundraw, choose your video settings (calm/action/melodic/tutorial/vlog/wellness/training/hip hop/house and so on) and there are many tracks coming out that will suit you. If the beginning/end is too quiet, apply the right settings and voila - the perfect song for your video is ready! Moreover, you can add an instrument to the right second of your song. Also of interest: You can save the created song and find/create a similar one You can insert the video initially and then create music for it.


An even more professional neural network for creating music with an even broader interface If you want to delve into music, make it unique and really exciting, we advise you to take time and deal with all the chips.

Steve Ai

Creates a video from scratch: writes a script for you (you can do it yourself), collects a suitable video, voices the text and out gives a cool result. On request, of course, if something did not like (video/its length,song, lyrics, voice), everything can be adjusted easily in a couple of clicks.


A neuronetwork for learning any language. Word cards, games, improving the skills of writing texts in the learnable language, corrections from the neural network in real time, descriptions of pictures, training of foreign language listening skills, translator of texts, reduction of large text in short, notes and dictionary. You can also change your text here to professional/diplomatic/soulful/conversational. And most interestingly, there is a section where you can write keywords to create an article/letter/story/report/reply to SMS/presentation, and it will give you a ready-made answer to your chosen topic! If you’re not interested in languages, this neural network will help you to correctly and beautifully translate any text.

Plasma Ai Bot

The largest bot in the CIS that combines: ChatGPT 4, Midjorney,, Jasper. This is the alternative for those who cannot register/pay for other services. Can generate pictures using all top services, gives more structured answers (if the answer exceeds the number of valid characters, the bot sends a document with detailed response). Here you can put the role of the bot to give the answer, relying on the right sphere. Free use for groups of up to 100 people (yes, you can add a bot to the working chat).


At the moment, the most realistic of all the neurons that generate a voice. We’ve tested many of these, but this one has pauses, emotions, the right stresses, you can even clone your voice. First you need to upload the audio monologue with your voice, after which you can write phrases that the neural network will voice with your voice. But most importantly, if your voice is masculine, you can make a female version of your voice and vice versa.


This is the same neural network that Linkin Park used to create its music video for the song Lost.


The application to record working video meetings, here automatically apply subtitles, automatic translation, answers questions, helps to write notes. The extension must be installed, after which it automatically works. If at some point you do not want to use it during the call (for example, for 7-10 seconds), it can be paused. In real time, you can mark phrases (both your own and your interlocutor) under different categories (important point/misunderstood thought, etc.). During the call you can write notes for yourself in the same place, do not use foreign applications, convenient and unnoticed.

Math GPT

A neural network that will help solve any mathematical problem in writing. It will be convenient to calculate both for personal purposes and for workers. For example, you can upload your payout data by writing the number of working hours, and the neural networks will calculate your average W per hour :)


For those who love (or dislike) creating presentations. You may find this tool boring or unnecessary, but we are ready to convince you otherwise. In less than 60 seconds, the neural network will give you a presentation in your preferred colors, style, font that will suit your brand. It can be integrated with PowerPoint and GoogleSlides. After the result, you can change each item to your own/choose from the following: background/colors/elements/lines/text.

Tutor AI

Free tuition for anything. For example, you would like to learn to create a unique text for your advertising campaign to attract as many people as possible.The training is divided into several lessons, after which the KVZ is given for the consolidation and verification of the material. In addition, you can get clear examples. Also, if the information is perceived for you difficult, then the lesson can be simplified.


Free app for those who have many tasks that are difficult to keep in mind. It can be used both on the phone and on the computer. Each meeting/task you write in a note. Here you can set the time to perform a specific task, set a reminder, the urgency of the task. The app is as easy to use as possible. Bonus: After each task, you can tick :)


A tool that increases productivity when viewing any video 10 times! How does it work? Download a link to any video and communicate with it. Useful if you need to quickly learn about the basic information you wanted to find in the video without even watching it, without spending 7/10/25/40 minutes. If you have any questions after watching the video, you can ask the bot to explain what the author meant.


Free application in which you can splash the background, color the photo, combine the photo, make a collage, remove watermark, remove the background, crop the photo, add text to the image, make the photo black and white. Also here you can write titles, essays, articles, edit videos, create gif, convert audio into text, download videos from TickTok, Instagram, Twitter and much more. The whole base is in one place, not for nothing it is called 30b1.

Nvidia NeRF

Photo and video processing goes to a whole new level. With the help of this neural network you can make any 2D image 3D, it independently completes the missing dimension for you. In addition, from these photos you can make a full video, which, of course, the neural network does itself.