Neural networks for creating creatives

Neural networks for creating creatives

Steve AI - creates short animated videos on text or voice request. Tariff from 15 to 60 $.

Midjourney - Creates unique images on demand. The first 25 generations are free. Each image can be resubmitted for revision.

DALL-E-2 — creates top creatives for nutritive offers on demand. Completely in English.

10Web is an AI-based website builder that can improve the functionality of a landing page by increasing the efficiency of its main characteristics. Tariffs from 10 to 60 $.

Webullar is a program for creating websites or landing pages from your phone or any other gadget. Free period 2 weeks. Further $19 per month.

DupDub - converts text into an audio track. Supports over 300 voices in 30 languages ​​and MP3, MP4, WAV and SRT formats.

ChatGPT — processes requests in popular languages ​​and can be used to solve any task: creating applications on the Android OS, writing and editing code, compiling an SEO page description, creating, translating and retelling texts of any complexity.

MarketingBlocks - creates text content, landing pages, images, voiceovers for video creatives. The first two projects are free. Further 370-670 $ per year.

NeuralText - creates descriptions for offers, composes texts for keywords and collects tables of contents for future articles. Free period of 5 days and several plans from $19 to $119

LanguageTool - checks foreign texts for spelling, punctuation and stylistic errors. Free check of texts up to 10,000 characters and paid subscription for $1,499 per year - Writes titles and text for videos, as well as articles or landing pages. Free period 10 days. Subscription from $5 per day.