Creatives for gamble: secrets of good and bad ads

Creatives for gamble: secrets of good and bad ads

Creativity lies in the core of an advert. The creative component forces a potential player to become an actual, paying gambler. Although gamble creatives are relatively simple, webmasters often make commonplace mistakes leading to low CTR and conversion to targeted actions. This is how to avoid it! 

Approaches to creatives

Gambling was invented a very long time ago. Its presentation has changed slightly over the years, but the idea has not. The task is to catch the attention of the viewer, evoke emotions and a desire to use the product.

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The following main approaches can be distinguished, regardless of whether we use statics or dynamics:

Classics: big win, crediting money to a local bank card in geo currency, smiling gamblers, positive emotions, laughter, reactions to winnings.

Popular faces: bloggers, athletes, politicians, performers, and actors (can be combined with the first point, but not required).

News: working with a specific geo/region/area. Focus on the formats that are familiar to the viewer – perhaps a TV channel or a blogger. presentation a la “a local resident won N amount of money in a casino”. To gain trust, such news contain information like “he will have to pay X taxes”, “the winner will spend his winnings on a new flat in area Y”, etc.

Spoils of affluence: no need to explain. Casino beating schemes are often advertised through luxury life.

Gamification: it is appropriate to use elements from slots and wheels of fortune in creatives.

The approach directly depends on the ad format and the placement that generates traffic. For example, no detailed pictures or video playback is possible in push notifications. On the other hand, the creative designer has a free scope for creativity on clickunders and popunders (which open in full screen). The main thing is not to overegg the pudding.


Making a clickable creative is not enough to get targeted actions: it must fit into the general funnel of an advertising campaign. Similar design and style are the main requirements. All elements of the funnel should be similar. Funnel elements include a creative part, a landing page (or an app with its design in the Store), and the product itself.

If the elements strongly differ, the user will lose interest in the product even before making a deposit. They want to see in the casino the same they saw in the creative ad. P.S. this applies to creatives where “unity” of elements is appropriate. There are always exceptions, but the best conversion is usually generated by the creative ad featuring a slot from the advertised offer, the logo of the casino for the targeted traffic, and the color scheme of the banner matching the design of the landing page and the website with games.

Tips from a Trafflab Creative Designer

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One of Trafflab's full-time creatives, Alexey, shared his principles and approaches, along with some tricks that many people don't know:

  1. The main thing about the creative ad is to engage in the first 3 seconds to make it understandable. There is no need for too many visual effects. Be sure to view through other works as a spy for a design eye.

  2. I use Yandex Translator and Google Translate for the correct text translation: both are good, but there is a nuance. Suppose you want to translate such words as “Balance”, “Transfer”, “Withdrawal” into the desired language. If you just type them in, there will be a translation like this in some languages: “Balance (Equilibrium)”, “Translation (Language translation)”, “Conclusion (Exception)”. To get the desired result, you need to type in whole phrases: “Balance of funds”, “Transfer of funds”, “Withdrawal of funds”.

  3. YouTube Shorts and TikTok are the best sources for reactions. The videos are short there, so you can immediately find the right moment. Of course, you need to use other sources to find the most appropriate reactions, too. I use Savefrom to download videos from YouTube Shorts and SaveOff bot in Telegram to download videos from TikTok without a watermark.

  4. I use websites with PNG images, such as PNGWING, to search for sources (backgrounds, dice, buttons, and other elements), and I also look through the Pictures section in 4 browsers (Yandex, Google, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer). It is better to browse them more often not to miss the desired source, because they may appear there but then be lost, or the website with them becomes unavailable. In addition, if you know master Photoshop, you can take sources from slots and creatives in good quality, cut them out and remove unnecessary elements, or you can create sources yourself from scratch in Photoshop.

  5. I look for music for creative ads in the group "Music for YouTube" in VK, or on YouTube trap playlists. I look for animation sounds on ZvukiPro, typing in "sounds of winning" or "pressing a button".

The following mistakes are common in bad creatives:

  • Incomprehensible in the first 3 seconds
  • Unreadable text
  • Small wins
  • Quick unreadable pushes
  • The call is too long, it makes no sense to make it longer than 5 seconds (only if there is an animation with the device or a game sample). In other cases, the leads click before the call
  • If text and currency are used in the creative ad, they must match the local ones

Following these principles will help avoid poor click-through and conversion rates, because the player will be going through the entire funnel as a whole, not in separate steps. If everything is done properly, there will be a deposit at the end!

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